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Friday, February 27, 2009

Czech team

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I love this pic this kid really gets into this song. 

This team that we had from Czech was such a joy to see in action as they performed for schools here in Latvia. The Music was amazing and the kids really get into and have fun with it. 
This is  really a cool ministry that a Josiah Venture couple in Czech had started where a lot non-christains are apart.                                   

Terry& Hannah English the JV couple In Czech that started the music  choirs and have been able to share the gospel with many young people in Czech through this outreach. 


Friday, September 19, 2008

What's going on

Dursey Island

Things have
slowed down significantly from summer. I'm getting back into regular language studies again. Meeting with a few young people that I have developed a relationship with and have been walking beside them as they are in some sort of leadership role.

Cable car we took to get to an island

Here is some pictures of my recent trip to Ireland.
This trip was amazing just what I needed after an amazing but, draining summer. I was blessed to be able to have seen the places I saw, it was simple beautiful. This cable car was built in the 60's it was fun taking it across the water to explore Dursey Island.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bring on the camps!!!!

here is part of my amazing team !!
In this picture these are some of the summer interns that will be helping with the camps. This week has consisted of a lot planning what we want the English classrooms to look like. These interns are great this is not the most exciting week of the summer planning your English lessons.

our first camp starts June 29th

Monday, May 12, 2008

Guys in the youth group

here is a pic of a few kids that are involved in the youth group. These three had just got baptized so that's pretty exciting. The two on the right are brothers and are loads of fun. it is a blast getting to know these kids more and more feeling like I'm able to connect more with them . One of the cool things is there is a good chunk of guys that make up the group which is sweet being to connect with and have fun with.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Legal resident

I'm legal

Thanks so much for all your prayers I do truly appreciate your prayers. The last couple of months of trying t0 obtain my resident permit has been a roller coaster with things changing constantly things would change for no apparent reason. We were all denied in the start of this excitement the way we were applying for our visa which was with Josiah Venture that we were working with Youth. It's kinda complicating but, for whatever reason they were no longer accepting this way that we and most missionary organizations had gone through so we went through the baptist union . Mike Kelley is one of my roommates and had to leave the country to Ukraine for over a month. I was getting close to my 90 days. After 90 days I would have to leave the country. I had to have documents from the states expedited with DHL. Things would change every day it seemed like at times. Me and Joe Brooks we planning on leaving for Albania for a couple weeks. Then we heard that it would be at least a month in Albania since the religious department with the government was saying that would be the quickest that could get it done. We ended up getting a attorney with everything changing and people at immigration not even knowing what they are talking about. Well I got to my 90th day and was able to get an extension to stay for two more weeks . And finally after all that I have my visa!!!

Yes it was an incredible time with things changing daily it seemed with the stress and frustration growing God was near through all of this. of course it was uncomfortable but, it was good in the same hand having to rely on God and just see how he worked. Being comfortable feels nice and good but, being uncomfortable is when you really grow in Christ.

thank you for all your prayers for they were felt here!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life in Riga

I feel like I should keep you all better informed of what exactly my day to day schedule looks like.

I have language three times a week with three people on my team. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are language with the tutor. Then also Monday and Wednesday I have a Latvian helper that I go over stuff that I need help with.

Thursday I have meeting where I have been going through son life material. Son life is basically about coming behind leaders and equipping them and encouraging them but, not taking over. Rather getting them to be apart of it.
Then I leave Riga in time to hit traffic for a youth group that I'm getting plugged into about 45 minutes outside of Riga. I have been greatly encouraged by this group and feel like this group is a great fit for me. There is a good amount of guys in the group which is not as common for Latvia so that is super cool.

we have been formulating more what this summer will look like. Figuring out where the camps will be. Recruiting and figuring out which interns we have for North Americans as well as national interns.

Then I head back To Riga Thursday around 9 or 10 pm since I have language on Friday's.

So that is a little bit of what I have been up to.


Keep praying I do not have my visa yet. sorry for the lack of information I have been giving you during this time but, sometimes information has been changing things I thought were for sure have not been.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Thank you so much for your prayers during this crazy time of trying to obtain residency. This time has been good, don't get me wrong it has been tough but, God has continued show me that he is near during this. I still am uncertain of what my outcome will be if I will in fact have to leave the country. I know though that he has this whole thing in his hand. I know that's easy to say but, I have this amazing peace that God has continued to give me and reassurance that he is bigger than any residency troubles we are having. Things look unclear right now. God is always in the process and movement.

thanks to all of you who have continued lift me and my team up in pray. The Emails I have received from many of you have been a huge encouragement as well thanks.